May’s Produce and Flowers

May’s Produce and Flowers, a family establishment located in Oregon City, Oregon, is owned by May Yeu Cha. May and her husband, Sao, are Hmong and came to the United States of America as refugees from the fallout of the Secret War in Laos — of which her husband fought as an ally to US troops.

May realized early on that many of the vegetables she prefers, are not accustomed to eating, are not pesticide free and are not always readily available in the local grocery stores. Prior to moving to Oregon City, May kept a small garden in the backyard of her home in the St. John’s area of Portland, Oregon.

Born with a green thumb, May often had excess produce which she would sell to friends, family and co-workers. What started as a simple backyard garden in St. John’s quickly flourished to a Farmer’s Market business when May and her family moved to Oregon City in 1997.

May manages the farming of select flowers, fruits and produce while the business is primarily operated by serveral of her ten children. May’s Produce and Flowers, today, operates in five different Farmer’s Markets around the Portland Metro Area which includes: Oregon City, Beaverton, St. John’s, OHSU and Vancouver, Washington.

In addition to being present at many of the local Farmer’s Markets, May’s Produce and Flowers has also gained recognition in event planning. May’s can provide fresh cut bouquets and floral designs for any celebration.

May’s mission is to provide fresh locally grown produce and flowers, that are pesticide and herbicide free, while using sustainable methods.